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The EBS-260 has been designed to allow a range of flexible control options as well as providing a broad, 57mm high print matrix with the ability to print up to 5 lines of text in one operation. As well as the integrated touch screen controller, WiFi, Bluetooth® and USB interfaces allow a choice of flexible control options including web browser access and barcode reader data entry.

  • Integrated touch screen
  • Barcode scan-and-print
  • WiFi connection to Firefox browser



For applications where variable data needs to be inserted into print messages at the time of printing, the touch screen can be used to enter the data... but this could lead to data entry errors and can be time-consuming. Martek offers a choice of two Bluetooth® code readers that can be used to scan-in variable data using 1D or 2D codes from paperwork, screens or labels to avoid errors and improve efficiency. A standard-duty reader is available for light industrial applications and, for more demanding environments, a heavy-duty reader offers a more rugged alternative. Three modes can be used to scan-in variable data:

1. Simple acan-and-print. A single variabe field can be added to a print message by scanning a barcode or 2D code containing the variable data.

2. Multiple field scan-and-print. Several variable fields can be printed in a single barcode or 2D code and scanned into a print message in one operation.

3. Database scan-and-print. Multiple fields of variable data can be stored in a text file or Excel spreadsheet with one field defined as the lookup field (e.g. part number or works order number). When a barcode is scanned containing a value from the lookup field, the variable data for the corresponding database record is automatically inserted into the print message.

Barcode Scan-and-Print

WiFi interface allows connection to any device that that supports Firefox web browser (PC, MacOS and Android). Full message creation, editing and print managemet functions can be accessed just by running Firefox browser... no additional software is required. User access control allows each operator to be assigned a password to access only permitted functions.

A Bluetooth® interface is provided to enable print data to be sent to the printer from a remote device. Martek offers a choice of standard-duty and heavy-duty barcode readers which use the Bluetooth® interface to send scanned data to the printer avoiding data entry errors and improving efficiency. A PC Bluetooth® adapter is also available to allow data to be sent from PC applications.

The USB port can be used to back-up and restore print messages and copy print messages between several printers. Stand-alone PC software can also be used to create and edit print messages which can be transferred to printers using a USB memory stick. Firmware updates can also be easily installed from a USB memory stick.



Printing Capabilities

Variable data including date, offset date, time and counters can be automatically printed. Variable data such as batch codes can be prompted via the touch screen or scanned- in from a barcode.
Logos and graphics can be eaily created and transferred to EBS-260 printers using the WiFi interface.



Text from 9 to 57mm high can be printed in a range of fonts designed for the EBS-260 Handjet. True Type fonts can also be uploaded to the printer using the WiFi interface.




For marking many items including vertical pipes, stillages and framework, text can be printed in tower print orientation.

Counters can be automatically printed using tower print.




Integrated Touch Screen

Up to 50,000 print messages can be strored in the EBS-260 Handjet's memory using folders to make it quick and easy to locate messages. The touch screen interface allows print messages to be created, edited and previewed.

Print settings such and density and message width can also be adjusted from the touch screen with each individual print message having its own print parameters.

Status information including battery and ink cartridge life is also accessible via the touch screen.



The print density can be adjusted using a simple slider to cater for different types of surface with porous surfaces generally requiring a higher density than non-porous surfaces. When printing concrete products, this can also be used to adjust between printing on wet and dry concrete,

The print width can also be quickly adjusted with a slider to fit the print message into the space available on the product. Auto-sizing of the print message is also possible by rolling the printer across the product before printing to measure the space available with the width automatically adjusted to fit the space available.

The status bar at the top of the home screen provides a quick indication of the status of the WiFi signal, Bluetooth connectivity, ink cartridge level and and battery life. More detailed information can be viewed by tapping on the relevant icon.

Variable data such as batch codes or operator ID can bet prompted so when the print message is selected, the variable data must be entered via the touch screen before printing.



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