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Inks are available to print onto porous and non-porous surfaces in a range of colours. For printing onto dark, non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics, white, yellow and blue pigmented inks print with high contrast. Specialist ink is available with extremely high UV resistance and high temperature resistance. More inks are being introduced to the range to suit a wide range of applications.

  • Blue pigmented ink
  • Black and pigmented yellow inks
  • White pigmented ink
  • Quick change cartridge

A range of fast-drying, permanent inks is available for the EBS-260 Handjet to allow printing onto porous and non-porous surfaces. Opaque, pigmented inks can be used to print high-contrast marks onto dark coloured products.

Acetone and MEK-based inks dry within a few seconds on virtually any surface including metals, plastics and glass. The specially formulated black ethanol-based black ink has extremely high UV-resistance and high temperature resistance making it ideal for printing onto concrete products and for marking hot pipes.

The ink colour can be changed within the same ink base (acetone or MEK) by simply flushing the printer with solvent between colours. This allows one printer to be switched between black and white inks or between blue and yellow inks.

Ink is supplied in convenient and clean 200ml cartridges which can be changed in seconds. Each cartridge will print approximately 200,000 11mm high characters.

Acetone based black and white inks dry fast on any surface with good UV and weather resistance. Ideal for metals, plastics, glass and painted surfaces. White ink is pigmented to give good contrast on dark-coloured non-porous surfaces.
MEK based blue and yellow pigmented inks dry fast on non-porous surfaces and provide high contrast on dark surfaces. Both colours are ideally suited for marking dark coloured metals, plastics and painted surfaces. Most semi-porous and some porous surfaces can also be printed.
Ethanol based black ink dries fast on porous and semi-porous surfaces including cardboard, timber and concrete. This ink has been specially designed to provide excellent UV and weather resistance and is frequently used for marking concrete products. High temperature resistance also makes it suitable for marking hot pipes and containers filled with hot products.

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