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Martek supplies a range of accessories to allow the EBS-260 Handjet to be used to print onto awkward shaped products, to protect the printer in harsh environments and to allow print data to be scanned in or sent from a remote PC. Custom printing guides can be supplied for products that can't be marked using a standard guide.

  • Wrist strap kit
  • Pipe and drum adapter
  • Heavy-duty barcode reader

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Nozzle Guard

The EBS260 is particularly well suited to printing in dusty environments. Behind each nozzle, a solenoid-driven plunger forces out any dust on the nozzle plate with each print cycle. Printing on uneven, rough surfaces can however cause damage to the nozzles. The stainless steel nozzle guard, designed by Martek provides a robust solution that wraps completely around the front of the printer making it impossible to scratch the nozzle block. The guard can be quickly removed for cleaning.

Pipe and Drum Printing Adapter

Printing Guides

Some products can prove difficult to print onto with the EBS-260 handjet due to their size or shape. For example narrow products such as T-beams and panel edges do not have sufficient surface area for the Handjet's guide wheels to run along and still allow printing on the product. For these applications, Martek supplies a range of standard print guides to allow professional marks to be quickly and easily printed.

Printing guides also offer a convenient solution for printing on uneven and soft products such as filled sacks, bulk bags and foam.

For applications where a standard guide can't be used, Martek designs and produces custom printing guides to allow printing on irregular shaped products.

The radius printing guide allows printing in arcs of a fixed radius for example when printing on the top of barrels.

The straight line guide keeps the printer straight when printing very long messages on flat surfaces.

Drop Protection

Bluetooth Barcode Readers

Bluetooth barcode readers offer a secure and quick alternative to typing in print data either on the touch screen or remote system. Linear barcodes and 2D codes can be scanned in using a Bluetooth code reader paired to the EBS260 Handjet.

Codes can be scanned from paperwork, screens, labels or codes marked directly onto products or components. The scanned-in data can contain one or more varaibale fields inserted into a print message or can contain a lookup code (works order number, product code etc...) that is used to look up variable data from a database stored on the Handjet. The database can be easily copied to the Handjet via WiFi.

Two models of code reader are available; a standard duty reader for light-industrial applications and a heavy-duty reader for more demanding environments. The heavy-duty reader also scans codes with low cotrast making it suitable for reading codes marked directly onto products and low light environments,

Both models have optional protective covers for extra protection and can be attached to the tool belt.

PC Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter is available to allow a PC to send print data to the EBS260 Handjet. The adapter plugs into a USB port on the PC - the PC itself does not require a Bluetooth interface. The adapter allows the PC to pair with a Handjet to transfer one or more variable field to be used in the currently selected print message. For example, a PC application may generate a serial number to be printed on the product or its packaging and send the serial number to the Handjet via Bluetooth.

Martek can provide bespoke software and integration services to transfer data to Handjet printers.

The EBS260 Handjet is extremely robust and has been designed to operate in harsh environments including outdoor use. For added protection, Martek supplies a range of drop-protection accessories.

The wrist strap kit attaches the printer to the operator's wrist with a quick release carabiner.

An inertia reel kit can be used to attach the printer to an overhead surface or boom.

The holster option can be used either with the toolbelt or attached to a bench, wall or other fixed surface to provide a convenient and safe place to store the printer when not in use. A velcro strap is provided to secure the printer for example when climbing ladders.

The pipe and drum adapter quickly attaches to the front of the printer in place of the two standard guide wheels and provides a stable four-wheel surface to run across curved surfaces. This makes it easy and quick to print in straight lines along pipes or around drums. The adapter can be adjusted for different diameter products with the same adapter capable of marking both pipes and drums. Pipes of 25mm diameter and larger can be printed.