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EBS-230 printers provide a low-cost solution for printing text and simple graphics onto porous and non-porous surfaces. For applications where a small number of different messages are repuired, up to 30 messages can be stored on the printer and called up using the keypad and LED display on the back of the printer. Where more control is needed, the optional touch-screen terminal can be used.

  • EBS-230 7-dot printer
  • Built-in keypad and display
  • Option touch-screen terminal

Self-contained design

The EBS-230 design combines an industrial dot-matrix printhead with a simple controller allowing messages to be stored on the printer and selected using the built-in keypad and display. For applications where more control is required e.g, if batch numbers need to be entered, the optional T200 touch-screen terminal can be used. A choice of 7-dot (11mm) and 16-dot (27mm) models is available.


EBS-230/7 7-dot / 11mm printhead - print in any direction
EBS-230/16 16-dot / 27mm printhead - print in any direction


Industrial build

The EBS-230 uses solenoid-driven print mechanics allowing fast-drying inks to be used and preventing dust and debris from clogging up print nozzles as well as having no valves to wear out. Despite their low cost, all elements of EBS-230 systems are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and high-quality components.

Wide range of inks

A choice of water, ethanol, acetone and MEK-based inks is available to allow printing on virtually any surface - porous or non-porous. Acetone and MEK based inks offer a fast dry time on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass.

Print height:
11mm (7-dot) and 27mm (16-dot) models
Nozzle size:
150 micron standard, 100, 120 and 200 micron optional
Printing speed:
Up to 60m/min
Distance to product:
Up to 30mm
Print direction:
Omni-directional - print in any direction
Message storage:
30 messages
Characters per message:
Up to 1300 depending on font
Graphics editor included with Windows software
Variable data:
Date, time, offset date, counters
Water, ethanol, acetone and MEK based in a range of colours
Ink container:
1-litre bottle
Ink consumption:
Typically over 2,000,000 7x5 dot characters per litre
Printhead dimensions:
70mm diameter x 250mm including connectors / 600g
Control box dimensions:
260 x 80 x 160mm - 1Kg
Kit contents:
Printhead, control box, product sensor, PC software, mounting bracketry
T200 touch-screen, encoder, specialist sensors, custom bracketry
Electrical supply:
100 - 240Vac @ 50 - 60Hz; 700W maximum
+5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 95% humidity (non condensing)


  • EBS-230 printhead
  • EBS-230/16
  • T200 touch-screen
  • Integrated keypad
  • EBS-230 system
  • PC-based software
  • Metal and plastic pipes
  • Fast dry inks








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