EBS-1500 Large-Character Inkjet System

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The EBS-1500 large-character inkjet system allows up to 6 dot-matrix printheads to be driven from a single controller. A choice of 5 different printheads is available with print heights ranging from 11 to 115mm. Ink types include water, ethanol, acetone and MEK based inks in a range of colours for porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • 16- dot printhead
  • 32-dot printhead
  • Industrial build

Flexible, modular design

A single EBS-1500 controller can drive up to 6 printheads located on the same side or on different sides of the production line. Five different printheads offer print heights ranging from 11 to 115mm with a large choice of ink types and colours. Printheads on the same system can use different ink colours allowing multi-colour printing. Four ink systems are available ranging from 1 to 25 litres to suit differnet applications.

Printheads - all print in any direction

0711 7-dot / 11mm printhead - 1 line of print
1632 16-dot / 27mm printhead - 1 or 2 lines of print
2540 25-dot / 40mm printhead - up to 4 lines of print
3256 32-dot / 56mm printhead - up to 5 lines of print
64115 64-dot / 115mm printhead - up to 10 lines of print


Industrial build

The EBS-1500 uses solenoid-driven print mechanics allowing fast-drying inks to be used and preventing dust and debris from clogging up print nozzles as well as having no valves to wear out. Heavy-gauge stainless steel is used in all components and the industrial membrane keyboard is resistant to chemicals.

Wide range of inks

A choice of water, ethanol, acetone and MEK-based inks is available to allow printing on virtually any surface - porous or non-porous. Acetone and MEK based inks offer a fast dry time on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass.

Print height:
11 to 115mm depending on printhead
Nozzle size:
150 micron standard, 100, 120 and 200 micron optional
Printheads per controller:
Up to 6
Printing speed:
Up to 60m/min
Distance to product:
Up to 30mm
Print direction:
Omni-directional - print in any direction
Message storage:
1,024 messages
Variable data:
Date, time, offset date, counters, RS232 external data
Water, ethanol, acetone and MEK based in a range of colours
Ink container:
1, 10, 20 or 25-litre containers
Ink consumption:
Typically over 1,000,000 7x5 dot characters per litre
Encoder, specialist sensors, custom bracketry, RS-232 interface
Electrical supply:
100 - 240Vac @ 50 - 60Hz; 700W maximum
+5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 95% humidity (non condensing)


  • EBS-1500 controller
  • Industrial connectors
  • 1627 printhead
  • 3256 printhead
  • 0711 printhead
  • 3256 printhead
  • 64115 printhead
  • Fast dry inks
  • Wide range of inks
  • Printhead pistol grip

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